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It's about catering to you or business needs!

I understand we all come from different walks in life! With different financial positions! Regardless i'm here to help you find the best possible outcome for you or your business needs!

I offer customisable packages! We all want or need different things, and that's ok! Let's chat and figure out what's best for you! 


Remember everything is customisable!

Logo Design & branding identity 


Is a visual identity for your business, It is how your clients can quickly identify & remember your business. 


Is an extended version of a logo design, it tells the story of perception and relativity to your audience. The key is keeping a consistent appearance. The additional graphics created are then applied to assets like business cards or other marketing materials.

*These packages are customisable to your budget

Interested in seeing a logo proposal sample? Send me an email and request one! 

Remember everything is customisable!

Day rate design

The day rate design is a custom-tailored service where I create any design related work you need for your business to get done in a day or by a requested time. Have things done quickly! For this type of work, I charge an hourly rate or project-based based pricing, depending on the work.

An example of hourly projects would be smaller design work like marketing materials. Project-based items would be Label designs, album covers.


Remember everything is customisable!

Project based

Project-based is perfect for projects that are one-off projects that might require careful art direction and more time to compile. 

Examples of project-based works could be event branding and book covers.

If you’re unsure where your project fits, please reach out to me I’ll help you out!

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