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Occasionally as a creative person you find yourself illustrating as a relaxing therapeutic session! This piece was created in one of those sessions on my ipad. I then imported it into illustrator and edited further to create the two patterns in this pack.

On reflection to this design, it kind of gives of late 18th-century pattern design, but as a simplified version. Hence the name VINES ANTIQUE

I hope you enjoy this pack!



  • MOE.Vines Antique FLORAL. straight
  • MOE.Vines Antique FLORAL. rounded
  • MOE.Vines antique GREEN. straight
  • MOE.Vines Antique GREEN. rounded



1290x2796 px


** This is a digital download product. Digital files will be available after your purchase. No physical item will be sent or shipped to you.

** For personal use only. These files are not meant for reselling, distribution or commercial use.

MOE Vines Antique phone background

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