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Considering to start a business? Or perhaps you have assets needing a visual update!

Hi there! My name is Marlene! I'm the owner of Mars On Earth Designs and my bookings are open for 2023! I’m a graphic designer based in Ipswich, Australia! And I’ve worked with businesses and individuals locally and overseas!

So how can I help you?!

My design services are broken down into 3 categories to provide you with flexibility. Let’s find the right service for you!

  1. branding and logo

  2. Day-rate

  3. Project-based

Branding and logo

This service is perfect for those who are wanting to start a business with a strong visual presence or for those who are looking to reconnect and update their business image!

Day-rate design

Day rate designs are for smaller design works that are charged at an hourly rate. Works could include:

  • marketing design

  • Editorial design

  • Signage design


Project-based is perfect for projects that are one-off projects that might require careful art direction, this may include:

  • Album/EP covers

  • Book covers

  • Youtube thumbnail design

  • Mural art

  • Event branding

  • Brand collaborations

Wanna see some of my works? Check out my Pinterest!

look fresh in 2023! Bookings are open for next year or send through your email inquiry for next year!

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