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What can freelance graphic designers offer you?

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Do you know what freelance graphic designers can offer you and how they can help you on your business journey?! if you don't then I hope this blog helps you see the benefits of working with a graphic designer!

(projects I've worked on)


To better understand how a graphic designer can help you in your business, first, we must ask the question, “what does a graphic designer do?” If you know the answer to this question already, then just skip this part and head down to “offerings”. Continuing on with the question, In simple terms:

We are visual messengers, connecting functions, users, and customers to final destinations or informing users of topics, or driving a user to a goal in a visual output in either digital or print form, and behind those results is human-centered thinking and strategy!

Now that may have sounded a bit poetic or philosophical, but what does that look like practically speaking?


Well, there’s one thing to note, there are subcategories that graphic designers can specialise in and even upskill in. Here are a couple of main ones you may have heard of before.

Web design

Marketing design


motion graphics and animation

Editorial design


Logo and branding design

graphic designers can have a variety of these skills and experiences but it’s important to note that graphic designers do not do everything.
Ask your graphic designer if your works is within their skillset.

Ok so now you know some of the areas and skills graphic designers can have, let’s break down those points further and see what the outputs could look like!


Marketing design

  • Social media design

  • Ad design (digital &print)

  • Blog visuals

  • Email design

  • Company swag

  • Events

Editorial design

  • Internal brand documents

  • Book covers

  • Posters

  • Brochures

  • Presentations decks/ templates

  • Menu designs

  • E-books

  • Magazines

  • Signage

Packaging design

  • Shipping satchel

  • Drink Can

  • Labels

  • Cosmetic labels and boxes

  • Food packaging


As a business owner myself, I know the challenge it is to be informed of the available and relevant resources out there for your business. If you’re a business owner and have a bit more finances to use to re-invest in your business, I’d recommend you pair yourself with a graphic designer!

Graphic designers are professionals, with years of practice and experience and up-skilling themselves to help create effective and meaningful designs and at times strategies to help connect your users with your message!

So if you’re thinking or needing an item/asset to be created and you want it to look consistent and professional to your users, consider reaching out to a graphic designer!

There you have it I hope that gives you some clarity as to how a graphic designer can assist in your business journey!

Bookings are open for 2023!

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