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Brand collaborations?!

An ISSAMUST X Mars On Earth Designs Collaboration.

ISSAMUST was invited to be a part of an industry night hosted by PRAEMA on the 2nd of JULY. This event was a chance for local streetwear designers to connect with each other and the community.

My role in this was to assist ISSAMUST with their store pop-up and the design of the limited edition apparel.

The time frame was tight, so the priority was designing the graphics for the limited edition apparel. The client already gave me an existing theme and topic. The client was interested and open to my specific design style and wanted that to be showcased for this round.



The collection was based on their mission to empower and leave a positive message to society through their streetwear. Statement pieces.

Encourage people to turn up their volume up!

"In every individual, every situation and every moment, change can be made by ONE choice: ONE DECISION, ONE THOUGHT, ONE VOICE, VOLUME UP" - Issamust


There were key phrases and elements that needed to be displayed on the apparel, the main one being "volume up" and that's how i started. The desired fonts were found and customised the Volume Up logo was created. Alongside this process, I had discussed with the owner about the back statement and presented my idea about phrasing it as "one decision, one thought and one voice."

This phrase came about with the actual theme itself. What does it mean to Volume up? In my mind it begins as one thought that leads to one decision and all you need is one voice. The idea was liked and approved. The customised font was then applied to the back piece.


After the apparel was finalised, ideation for the event began. basic sketches of the floor plans were created, alongside a small list as to what we had access to.

As an industry night, it's an opportunity to interact with one's customers. " How can we make a memorable experience and incorporate the theme "volume up" in the space? I considered this and came up with the idea, of having people pick up a positive quote and writing one down and leaving it in the installation space for others to read.

Let's work together!


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