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Cameron Strategic | Aged Care Consulting Service *Logo Design

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Creating a FUN & professional Logo design for an Aged Care consulting business!

If you're an Australian resident and you live around Brisbane QLD, then you've probably seen different aged care services and looked at their brand image and there's just something outdated about the way they present themselves as a business. This not the fact for my client!

My client approached me looking for a design that is colourful and professional, a design that would be friendly and approachable. an important request was to to not incorporate common symbols like hands, heart etc, icons that you often see in any aged care service logos, we needed to avoid those and create a design that looks beyond those features.

Which is what we achieved with the logo. The symbol itself is an abstract form of the letters 'c' & 's'. A custom culmination of the name.

I offer custom packages for my clients that way we can still create work that is quality and within their budget!

This package included:

  • logo design

  • power point template

  • report template

  • and a letterhead design

  • Email signature

the colour palette for this project was designed for an RGB output which means that these colours are optimised for the web, any print materials, the colour will come out muted for the printer to be able to print the item, keep that in mind!

Design collateral

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