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Lutheran Youth of Queensland | The gathering* Event Design

Making Fun | Bright | Bold Church designs

I was approached by the Lutheran Youth of Queensland to create a logo design and additional marketing materials.

The aim of the project was to create a logo and marketing materials that young people between 18- 25 can connect with. To catch their attention and engage with them online so that they will engage with the event.

Creating a fun & relatable design

In all of my processes I think about key words and phrases that could help create a meaningful design that can have some level relatability. The catchphrase for the event was "Together There is hope", which helped to develop the main symbol, "the hand". During my sketching processes I played around with making it look geometric and strong modern looking, alongside the sketching process i also had developed other symbols that i believe would help re-enforce the events' messaging.

As for the colour palette, I chose strong solid colours that are dominant in the digital world, modern feminine and masculine, there is a level of diversity and familiarity found in these colours.

You can see the results in the image below.

Design package included:

  • Logo design

  • Instagram templates

  • PowerPoint templates

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