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Welcome Everyone | Social Media Consulting * Logo Design

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

A fun and modern social media consulting logo!

Welcome Everyone, creating social focused on culture via consultation service!

My client reached out to me looking for a logo design that would approachable and modern! Key words that defined Welcome Everyone where Culture, Diversity, Inclusion, Amplify, Elevate.

typography focused, the logo is a custom wordmark logo that is accompanied by interchangeable hand symbols that are varied in colour to bring forth the message of diversity. An emphasis on the "WE", a secondary logo was created to compliment the wordmark allowing the client to use the logo in different formats.

This custom package included:

  • logo design

  • additional symbols

Have a look at the project below!

Here's a fun fact! not all my clients are based in Australia! I do a lot of work remotely!

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