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Florence & Energy | Health Supplement* Branding & Label Design

I wanted to challenge myself to create a mini branding identity for a hypothetical business called Florence & Energy!

A youthful and modern supplement brand that focuses on giving young women life and energy to their everyday lives, gathered from natural floral ingredients Florence & Energy present to you health support in the form of tablets.

Because I have creative freedom for this project and because I know that these design won't get printed, my colour palette was to be in RGB, That way I can make the designs look BOLD | BRIGHT | FUN. Getting that type of vibrancy I believe is impossible unless there is stock finishes.

This package would include:

  • Logo design

  • Art direction

  • 1x Label design

I like to start my initial sketches on my iPad, here are some early drafts of the project, sketching first is a must for me, even if the initial sketches are a little bit difficult to decipher, it helps develop the concept.

You've got to start somewhere?!

Designing can get messy, as a designer you usually work these pages called "Art boards", after a while your page can become full of them!



The background images were free to use from PEXELS.

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