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Shimmer Branding | Arcane League of Legends* Supplement Branding

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Creating a concept cosmetic branding Identity for the Tv series ARCANE viewed on Netflix by League of Legends.

If there's one thing you should know about me is that i do love my games and pop culture. I was completely blown away by the piece of artwork that show is! I would strongly recommend you to watch it!


In the series, there's this Serum called "Shimmer". it is a serum that can become addictive to its' user. the world that is shown to us is divided by socioeconomic disparity. This serum causes a lot of problems and oppression to its' addict and is often available more so to residents abiding in a location known as "the Nation of Zaun" (not yet a nation officially). The serum itself gives the user power but in consequence of using the serum, it morphs the user into some sort of monster.

The leader of this self-proclaimed nation is a character by the name of Silco, a complex character but to summarise him, he was of sorts a crime lord. He controlled the supply of this "serum".

How do I come in?

Well as a designer I saw an opportunity to create a branding identity and the question I gave myself was:

What if Silco wanted to expand his serum by slowly destroying the lives of the residents up above over on Piltover? How could he go about it and how could I as a designer offer my design services?

My animated mood board:

Well as a graphic designer i thought from the point of view of the show. Piltover is a city of progress it has light coloured tones, gold decoration, it's a city that looks rich and successful. It is of my advice to create a brand that looks desirable, naughty and expensive, as luxury and invention is the language of this city.

Process images

Here a little sneak peak into the process

The Design

I would also like to credit @Elisalemart for letting me use her Painting of Silco!

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