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Team Wang | Music Artiste* Branding Identity

Creating a concept branding for the rapper and music artiste Jackson Wang. As a fan of his music, I thought that I'd push my designer skills and create a branding identity that includes other relevant deliverables.

I already had a vision for this project, I did a few sketches but my main process was using my iPad and my computer, that's where I did most of my work.

Of course with any design process a level of research is necessary to understand your "client", I notices that the current branding has a very simple colour palette, black and white. I thought it would be best to keep the current colour palette.

But the question was " how could i make this look crazy, elegant yet exciting?" There was a lot of shape experimenting! In one of my other projects I mentioned that designers work these items called "artboards". I can tell you it definitively got messy!

This package would have included:

  • logo designs

  • art direction

  • merchandise design

  • custom portrait illustration & animation

  • GIF creations

  • 3x album cover design

  • posters

  • stationary

  • business card


The Design

you can view some the project here but the best place to view it is on my Behance page! Simply click on the button below!

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