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Poterie! A Pottery branding identity concept

This project started with an Instagram challenge hosted by @thebriefbank, create design challenges for creatives who wish to join!

The brief asks to create a branding identity for the small business owner who is looking to stand of the crowd. The briefs are quite small in the sense, that you don't have a strong sense of the client's goals, likes and dislikes, and key information of a client that you would normally compile. But this is a design challenge, it's a space to have fun and see the creations of other designers.

My inspiration as a designer comes from the desire to create BOLD, BRIGHT, FUN designs. Designs that bring character and individuality. Often in the POTTERY business, you often see pastel and earth colours. I wanted this branding identity to reflect the imperfect growth process of creating pottery, a homage to novice to expert.

Have a look below!

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