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This project was rejected?!

I had to learn the importance of asking the right questions before designing!

Before I get into a quick storytime let's have a look at what the client missed out on.

So attention to any new freelancers that are just starting out! This tip might just help!

Alright, let's talk about context! So I had just decided to put my toe in the water and see for myself what it means to be a graphic design freelancer, and like any new freelancer, you think about where you can get your first few clients.

My first client was looking to get a logo for her small retail shop (distant friend). Me being super enthusiastic and super inexperienced offered to do it for free. (you know to build a portfolio)

Here were just a few of my mistakes (these are things you should do!):

  • Not asking the client questions about their business

  • Not having a contract

  • Not telling the client about my processes

And this list mounted on top of one another in a way. Mid-way I find out that the client hadn't registered their name and so they found out the name was already taken, which means that I would have to start from the beginning in a way.

In the end, we came to an agreement, but it was not what it could have been.

It's really important to know your client and ask the right questions. Questions that will help you understand your client's needs and pain points.

I would recommend anyone is to first gain a process, flesh out a "what to do" list or map when for when you get your clients, what do you need to provide them with?

What will be your process?

I hope this story helps someone to start better than I did!

Find a service that suits your need!

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